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Chicken Adobo Truffled Omelette & Biscoff Bread brought to you by Jolly Heartmate® Canola Oil

29 Sep Chicken Adobo Truffled Omelette & Biscoff Bread brought to you by Jolly Heartmate® Canola Oil

A staple of Filipino cuisine, with a little twist, this Chicken Adobo recipe along side a freshly baked Biscoff Bread will surely garner approval to anyone’s “Pinoy Heart.”

Chicken Adobo Truffled Omelette


500g of Chicken Breast
500g of Rice
30g of Garlic
30g of Spring Onions
1 Bell Pepper
20g of Shallot
50g of Red Onions
20g of Heavy Cream
20g of Albumen Powder
3g of Bay Leaf
115g of Soy sauce
100g of Apple Cider Vinegar/Coconut Vinegar
3g of Black Pepper Corns
1 Bird’s Eye Chili
2 Eggs
Pickled Vegetables(Achara)
Truffled Oil
50g of Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil


Part I: The Omelette
1. Mix the eggs together
2. Add a couple of drops of Truffled Oil
3. Put a bit of oil in the frying pan and place the silicon pad
4. Pour in the egg mix on top of the silicon and cover it.
5. Place the pan in the oven at 350° for about 5-6 mins
6. Take out the pan and place the omelette in a plate

Part II: Chicken Adobo
1. Heat pan and add oil
2. Sauté the onion, garlic and bell pepper
2. Cut up the chicken breast and place it in the pan
3. Add soy sauce, bay leaf, pepper corn, chili, apple cider vinegar and let it simmer ’til its cooked
4. Take out the bay leaf and garlic corn
5. Flake the chicken into shreds
6. Put the flaked chicken into the pan
7. Add the rice and a bit of oil

Part III: Rolling things up
1. Take a generous amount of chicken adobo and put it on the omelette
2. Roll up the omelette like a burrito
3. Add the achara on top
4. Garnish with spring onions
5. Add some ketchup and a bit of truffle oil

Biscoff Bread

2 Eggs
3tbsp of Melted Butter/Oil
400g of Bread Flour
1tsp of Ground Cinnamon
7g of Instant Yeast
300ml of Milk
Flaked Almonds
150g of Crushed Lotus Biscoff Biscuits
1 Bottle of Lotus Biscoff Crunchy

1. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl(flour, ground cinnamon, instant yeast, crushed biscoff biscuits)
2. Mix the wet ingredients in another bowl(eggs, melted butter, milk)
3. Put them together and knead
4. Let it rest to allow fermentation
5. Brush some oil in the molding pan before placing the mixture
6. Throw into the molding pan and let it rest for 30mins
7. Take a wet towel and wrap it around the pan and let it rest for 15mins
8. After resting unwrap the towel
9. Add the almonds onto and place it in the oven
10. Once its baked, take it out and slice the loaf
11. Add some Biscoff Crunchy with the slice of Biscoff Bread

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  • Delicious!! You inspired me to bake!